Just how large are the planets in our Solar System relative to one another and the Sun? And how far apart are their orbits relative to their respective sizes? I’ve casual pondered that question ever since I came across my first model of the Solar System (example) – a relatively small collection of rings representing the orbits of planets which were as close to one another in size as the change in your pocket. Even then I sensed they were grossly disproportionate, but it being only a casual interest I neglected to investigate further. That changed recently when I came across an impressively constructed CSS3 map of the Solar System complete with proportionate planets and orbits, the latter relative to the display area. This reignited my interest so I decided to search out the data and create a diagram to display the size accurately (and satisfy a recent urge to design some minimalist desktop wallpaper). More

Apple’s website has long served as inspiration to web designers who recognize the superiority of simplicity in user experience. One of its most iconic features is the tabbed navigation – a long, narrow, slightly-rounded set of immaculately devised and executed buttons that serve as the launchpad for Apple.com. For years this artistic wonder has served to influence on my own design philosophy (prioritization of usability), and to show my appreciation (in addition to showcasing the extensive capabilities of CSS3) I have decided to employ the latest web standards to fully recreate the famous Apple.com navigation in pure CSS. More